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Bronty Icon.jpg
Vital statistics
Position Side Character
Age Unknown
Status Alive (Dead in MALBA)
Physical attributes
Height 4.6"
Weight 201 lbs

Bronty is a character from the Epic Mario Bros universe who serves as the president of the Mushroom Kingdom. In Mario and Luigi's Boring Adventures, Bronty is the king of the Mushroom Kingdom. This is because the Kingdom is ruled by a monarchy in the MALBA universe. Bronty is a dumb ruler, and is often credited with having amnesia. He also has a daughter, Princess Peach. It is unknown if Peach was adopted or not.


Not much is known about Bronty's past. He has been the president for as long as the series has lasted. Bronte's first appearance was in The Relic, where he wandered the Frozen Forest. When Mario and Luigi arrived, Bronty carried the two brothers to the frozen Ice Bird. Bronzy later appeared on the news or in emergency alerts, where he informed the kingdom of attacks or apocalyptic events. In 2016, Bronty's term ended for his presidency. Several candidates raced to become president, but none succeeded. Eventually, Bronty was forced to serve a second term.

Boring Adventures

In Mario and Luigi's Boring Adventures, Bronty serves as the king of the Mushroom Kingdom. He is shown to give his speeches in the old Theater from time to time. In the series, Luigi thinks the speeches are plays. One time, the speech was so incredibly boring that Luigi ended up killing Bronty. After doing so, all that Bowser had to do was to kidnap Peach. Then, Bowser could successfully take over the Mushroom Kingdom.


  • Bronty used to have a song in The Relic. He would sing, "Bronty the Brontosaurus lives in a tree..."
  • Bronzy appears in the emergency alert message in The Apocalypse. However, the events of the episode are confirmed to be a movie in the series.
  • According to Bronty in 'The Apocalypse', Iraq exists on the planet of the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Bronty carries around a Secret Service member, as shown in Mario's Date.