Dry Bowser's Revenge

Dry Bowser's Revenge
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Season 7, Episode 19
Vital statistics
Air date December 20, 2017
Written by Aidan
Directed by Aidan
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Mario's Odyssey The Megalomaniac

Dry Bowser's Revenge is the 19th Episode in Season 7 Of EpicMarioBros. It was uploaded on December 20, 2017. It marks the final appearance of Dry Bowser and Kamek, except for flashbacks. This would the second last episode of Season 7 before The Megalomaniac.


The video starts with Dry Bowser in his lair staring at a photo of Bowser reminiscing about how they used to fight. It is shown that Dry Bowser used to look just like Bowser, until he feel into lava. He says that Bowser shouldn't have kicked him out and announcing that he was dead. Meanwhile, Bowser Jr is playing Super Mario Odyssey when Dry Bones criticizes the game for not being Minecraft and suggests going outside, so they proceed to head out. A controller is shown burning on the ground and Bowser says he needs to play Battlefront II. Bowser orders Kamek to come out when he finds Kamek on the steps, Kamek shoots Bowser with a spell which makes Bowser frozen in place.

Meanwhile, Junior wonders why they're outside and Dry Bones says that his father is coming to kill him. Dry Bowser's airships arrive firing cannon balls at the two, attempting to run inside. Back at the house, Kamek tries to explain why he attacked him before being interrupted by Dry Bowser who proceeds to head to the back where Junior and Dry Bones are tied up by his troops. Dry Bowser grabs the two and throws them in the forest, holding a knife.

Meanwhile, Kamek explains to Bowser that he used to work for Dry Bowser before he fell into the lava. Assuming he died, He tried to open up a business and tried to use his powers, but he still felt alone and scared. Kamek was eventually offered a position by Bowser. At first, Kamek felt thankful for Bowser and Junior, but he wasn't paid enough and says that Bowser was unsympathetic and abusive, comparing him to Dry Bowser. Even saying that Dry Bowser paid him more. Kamek decided to work for Dry Bowser again to not fell abused and to not be accused of tax evasion. Kamek doesn't agree with Dry Bowser and he still feels remorse for Bowser. Kamek says that he'll be leaving, as he proceeds to head off as the screen transitions to white. As Kamek leaves, Dry Bowser beats up his son. Junior attempts to stop Dry Bowser but is easily defeated. In response, Dry Bones tries to beat up his Dad, but Dry Bowser just beats up him, preparing to kill him. However, a portal opens up as Koopa jumps out holding a grenade. Koopa throws the grenade at Dry Bowser, killing him.

Koopa says that he felt that Junior and Dry Bones were in distress so he decided to save them. Even though Dry Bones cries, he still says that he hates his father and he's glad he's dead. Inside, the spell on Bowser stops as he gets up, crying about Kamek.


  • Bowser's and Dry Bowser's real name are revealed, Tyrannus and Septallis.
  • Dry Bowser is carrying a butter knife to kill the kids, that doesn't really work.
  • This is also the last time we hear about his troops, assuming that they've fallen.
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