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EMB. Fans V.I.P. is a community created by EMB in October of 2014. It is a place for EMB news and videos, and has over 60 members. EMB uses it as a place to connect with his fans and post updates

The Mods

EMB Fans V.I.P. has 1 Owner, being EMB himself, and 10 moderators, being NintendoNoah, MegaBlueMario, BowserPower, Haodsunday, Jackowlgem Films, SuperEpicBros, AwesomeMarioGangScotti, SuperMarioGrumpyBusters, Cool Mario Bros, and Domento


  • EMB Fans V.I.P. was created in October 2014
  • EMB Fans V.I.P. sometimes has to deal with drama, but EMB normally sorts it out pretty fast