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Five Nights at Boo's 2 (Part 1)
Season 6, Episode 21
Vital statistics
Air date February 5, 2017
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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The Cosmic Clones Five Nights at Boo's 2 Part 2

Five Nights at Boo's Part 1 is the 123rd Epic Mario Bros video. It follows Kamek as he defends an abandoned funhouse from mysterious ghosts. The episode was uploaded on February 5, 2017, and is a sequel to Five Nights at Boo's which was uploaded in 2015


Sometime in the night, Bowser asks Kamek to send Dry Bones home and send Junior to bed. He does so, but isn't able to return upstairs before the lights mysteriously flicker and turn off. A strange light begins emitting from a storage room. Kamek approaches, and is sucked into a strange room. Kamek quickly realizes that he's stuck in the room, but then Dry Bones suddenly appears. Dry Bones explains that Kamek is in an abandoned funhouse, Boo's Funhouse, which was once owned by Dry Bones. Dry Bones tells Kamek to guard the funhouse by checking the security cameras for five nights, then he can escape. Just like that, Dry Bones disappears. Kamek checks the security cameras, and there isn't anything in the funhouse at first. However, he hears a banging noise and sees an alien-like creature attempting to crawl into the room. Inside, the creature reveals itself. It is actually a Nightmare Poltergeist like Monkeyman and the Mask. Kamek runs and pushes the creature over, killing it. After doing so, Kamek checks the security cameras once more. There are Boos wandering the funhouse this time. Then, a strange metal mask enters the room. It's another nightmare poltergeist. Kamek manages to shoot it, destroying it. After this, the night ends.


"What's the scariest game you've ever played?"

Characters Introduced

  • Tripod Poltergeist
  • Cyborg Poltergeist


  • Five Nights at Boo's is a parody of Five Nights at Freddy's.
  • At one point, Monkeyman can be seen peeping from around a curtain.
  • Whenever a Nightmare Poltergeist draws near, the date and time begin going crazy.
  • The Designer and Overseer can be seen in the office, suggesting the dream was fabricated by them.
  • The Cyborg Poltergeist is actually a General Grievous mask from Star Wars.
  • One of the rooms in the funhouse is titled "The Old Office". The room is actually the office from the original Five Nights at Boo's.