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Five Nights at Boo's 2 Part 2
Season 6, Episode 22
Vital statistics
Air date February 12, 2017
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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Five Nights at Boo's 2 Part 1 The Anime

Five Nights at Boo's 2 Part 2 was uploaded on February 5, 2017, and is episode 124 of Epic Mario Bros. This episode expands the story of the Mask and Monkeyman as they emerge from Kamek's nightmare.


Kamek somehow makes his way back home, but he then is mysteriously teleported back to the room after talking to Bowser. The reason this happens is because he's still in the nightmare. In the office, Kamek begins checking the security cameras until he finds a wire creature slithering outside his room. The Wire Poltergeist enters, and grabs on Kamek. However, Kamek knocks it off and shoots it. He then continues to check the cameras. At one point, Dry Bones appears on the screen. He is walking around the funhouse, looking for the office. Dry Bones comes across a poltergeist, the Robo Poltergeist, but ignores it. In the old office, Dry Bones is killed by none other than Monkeyman. Kamek witnesses this, but must stay rational as a monitor in the back begins flickering. Then, Monkeyman appears in the closet and edges towards Kamek. After a while, the Mask emerges from the monitor and floats towards Kamek. At this point, Kamek is cornered and has no other option but to use the mysterious Nightmare Stopper. The Nightmare Stopper ends the nightmare, but brings the Mask and Monkeyman into the real world. Kamek wakes up, but sees the Mask outside his room.


"What would you do if a nightmare came alive?"

Characters Introduced

  • Wire Poltergeist
  • Robo Poltergeist


  • The different Nightmare Poltergeists are based off of Ultra Beasts from Pokemon Sun and Moon.
  • It is assumed that all of the Nightmare Poltergeists spawned into the real world after Kamek used the Nightmare Stopper.
  • A Shy Guy can be seen multiple times. It was present in the first Five Nights at Boo's, but it is unknown if it is a Nightmare Poltergeist or not.
  • The scene with the Wire Poltergeist attacking Kamek utilized filming tricks used in Scott Ridley's Alien, where the face hugger attacked.