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Junior's Splatoon is the first episode of Season 4, and is the most viewed video of Season 4 as well as the

Junior's Splatoon
Season 4, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date May 30, 2015
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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The Thunderstorm Kaman's Invention

whole channel. This video has over 1 million views, about 1/20 of the overall channel views. This video is the 51st episode of Epic Mario Bros, and was uploaded on May 30th, 2015. Soon after its release, the Epic Mario Bros channel exploded with popularity.


This video starts off with Junior watching Nurse Toad, when an ad for Splatoon comes on. Junior is instantly mesmerized, and calls for his dad, Bowser, to get him the game. Bowser, meanwhile, is sun tanning in the backyard and tells Junior to ask Kamek to get him the game. Kamek does, and magics the game out of thin air. When Junior returns to his couch to play the new Splatoon, Koopa comes and asks for the game. Junior says no, but create a deal. If Junior wins the ink war they're going to have, then he gets the game. If Koopa wins, then he gets it. The two set out to create a team. Junior's team consists of himself, Kamek, and Bowser. Koopa's team consists of him and Shy Guy and Boo. During the battle, the two teams use ink weapons to fight. After being defeated by Koopa, Junior runs into the woods, scared. He then surrenders, but doesn't give up the game. Koopa gets mad, but Bowser comes saying he played it and took it for his own.


"What's your favorite weapon class in Splatoon?"


  • This episode has the most views on the channel, with over 1 million views.
  • Nurse Toad makes its debut in this episode.
  • The weapons used are an assortment of Super Soakers and Water Warriors.
  • Kamek is sending "effective power" to people on the phone. Effective power is a glitch that will shut off your phone or prevent you from accessing messages.
  • The Giant is shown receiving the effective power texts.
  • This episode is hated because it is supposedly an "SML (SuperMarioLogan) ripoff". However, EMB claimed Season 4 and onward are not inspired in any way by SML. Many people make false claims that Kamek is friends with Junior, which is not true.