Junior's Summer Camp

Junior's Summer Camp is a 2 part video uploaded on August 26, 2015. It is episode 55 of the Epic Mario Bros series. Although it seems related to Summer Camp, it isn't as isn't even a sequel.

Junior's Summer Camp Part 1
Season 4, Episode 5
Vital statistics
Air date August 26 2015
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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The Potion Junior's Summer Camp Part 2


Junior and Koopa are forced to go to Summer Camp of Wario. Kamek drops them off, but Junior is reluctant to go, possibly foreshadowing the events that are to occur. At the camp, Wario and Waluigi, the counselors, explain the rules of not running away or having phones. After explaining the rules, Waluigi sprays everybody with an eye-stinging bug spray. Wario and Waluigi, after the bug spraying, head off to the camp and the kids follow. After walking for a good mile or so, Junior and Koopa get tired and ask a random stranger where the camp site is. The stranger responds with a "swag" voice, and calls himself Nabbit. Nabbit claims to be a popular cool kid who robs banks and stores and lives in Philadelphia. After this discussion, the trio soon arrive at the camp sites. They decide to play basketball, and Junior utterly fails. The camp instructors call, and everybody sits around the campfire. Junior and Nabbit tell stupid stories, and Wario and Waluigi tell the kids to go to bed.

Characters Introduced

  • Nabbit


"What is the strangest way you've met a friend?"


  • In the beginning, Toad and Nabbit are shown talking in the background.
  • Waluigi mentions that there is a giant tick in the forest, possibly referencing Sony's 2006 E3 conference, where a meme called the "giant enemy crab" arose.
  • After spraying the bug spray, the lens on the camera is very blurry.
  • Brandon, EMB's brother, is seen helping in this episode.
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