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Kamek icon.jpg
Vital statistics
Position Side Character
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height ~4.9"
Weight ~110 lbs


It is unknown where Kamek was born, nor when he was born. It is still unknown who Kamek's parents are. All that is known about Kamek's past is that he once worked for Septailus Bowser, now known by the name Dry Bowser. However, Tyranus Bowser eventually killed Septailus and Septailus's army was defeated. After Septailus was thrown into a pit of lava, Kamek managed to heal the Koopa. Unfortunately, Septailus became a dry monster, known as Dry Bowser. Kamek was later abandoned by Dry Bowser, and so he moved to East Mushroom Kingdom. In 2012, Kamek began a Real Estate business. By 2014, Bowser and Junior found Kamek's business and asked him to find them a new home. After showing the Koopas a massive house to live in, Kamek was officially adopted into Bowser's army. For three years, Kamek helped Bowser and tended to Junior.


Kamek is easily the smartest out of the Bowser family, and he really likes to show it. He's often snarky, and often sees himself as a superior to Bowser and Junior. Despite this, Kamek still follows Bowser's orders. Kamek has always been a bit reserved and more introverted than Bowser or Junior.


Kamek possesses several abilities which come in the form of spells. All Magikoops have the ability to use spells. The first spell is Infernonus Explodus. This spell is orange and creates an explosion upon contact with a physical object. The second spell is Evemosus Oscanus. This spell turns anything evil. The third is Undionus Revivus, which can undo the effects of death. The spell Inventiona Trifecta has the ability to manifest the digital entities from any source. Electronus Zaprion forms a lightning bolt protruding from the wand. Forsca Cobaltic has the ability to manifest any object. Finally, Ghostifica Undelic turns anything into a ghost.


  • Kamek was thought to have been a ripoff of Cody from Super Mario Logan, however, this is not the case as the two characters are vastly different.
  • Kamek was created before Cody was a main character.
  • In Bowser's Castle, Kamek mentions that his uncle had passed away. However, it is unknown who Kamek's uncle really is.
  • Kaman's designated Amiibo is Pikacheek.
  • Kamek managed to fuse the powers of Poofers and Pikacheek to create Mewtwo, an ultra-powerful Amiibo
  • Kamek is pronounced "kuh-meek" as opposed to "Cam-eck"