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The Legend of the Fire Snake
Season 2, Episode 8
Vital statistics
Air date April 26, 2014
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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The Legend of the Fire Snake is the 25th episode of Epic Mario Bros, and the 8th episode in Season 2. The episode was released on April 26, 2014, and followed Luigi on an adventure to search for treasure.


Luigi reads a book about the Legend of the Fire Snake, a legend about a Fire Snake guarding treasure. Luigi tells Mario, but Mario wants no part of the ordeal. Luigi then asks Yoshi, who brings Luigi to the ferry to get to Fire Woods. The ferry is a large flying dolphin that emerges from a trash can. The ferry tells Luigi and Yoshi that it will cost 1 cent to get across. However, the two do not have the money and turn back. Just then, the ferry says he'll bring the two across for free. After the ride to the Fire Woods, Luigi and Yoshi arrive at the base of the tree where the Fire Snake lies. Yoshi decides to sacrifice himself to launch Luigi to the top. There, the Fire Snake attacks. Unfortunately, the snake is too powerful and Luigi calls for help. Mario sees Luigi in trouble, and rushes to help him. Mario and Luigi fight the snake together, and eventually defeat it. After doing so, they drop out of the tree and discover Yoshi on the floor, injured. Mario and Luigi bring the dinosaur to the hospital, where the doctor claims that Yoshi will live.

Characters Introduced

  • Fire Snake


  • In the beginning, Yoshi was sitting on a Lego City Board Game.
  • The Legend of the Fire Snake is actually a dictionary.
  • Fire Woods is the polar opposite of the Frozen Forest, which appears in the next episode.