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Mario is arguably the main character of the Epic Mario Bros series.

Vital statistics
Position Protagonist
Age ~25
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height ~5.2"
Weight ~119 lbs


Mario was born in the Mushroom Kingdom. His parents are unknown, however, he is related to Luigi. When he was young, he lived on Yoshi's Island with the Yoshis. Mario often fought against Baby Bowser during this time. When Bowser from the future traveled back in time, Mario and Luigi set off to the castle in the sky. Along the way, they meet with their future selves to defeat Bowser and Baby Bowser. Not much is known between this time and 20 years later when the EMB series officially begins. Here, Mario has a house and is deemed hero and savior of the Mushroom Kingdom, though most of his fame is lost to history. It isn't until when Bowser returns with his evil ways that Mario has to spring back to action. Mario makes his way through many misadventures and shenanigans during the first season of EMB. He even becomes a cop when Bowser Junior robs the bank. Later, the Wario brothers make their arrival in the Mushroom Kingdom, when Mario and Luigi head into the sewers in search for Luigi's hat. Mario also returns to being a cop one last time when Wario strikes again. In 2014, Philox's army invades and Mario must save the day again. He risks his life taking down Philox and his mothership. When Season 3 arrives, Mario once again returns to his ways of enduring misadventures. This lasts until he is sucked into another world, the Leafy Kingdom. Here, Philox is planning to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom once again. This time, Mario manages to defeat Bowser three times and even takes down the new mothership. He also enters the Creator's Realm and survives the Creators. In Season 4, it's back to shenanigans. Through this, he manages to stop Wario's evil schemes and unlocks his anger powers, fire. Wario returns later on, though Mario ultimately defeats him in a final dual. Shortly after, he is met with an 8-bit version of himself, who claims to be the Overseer. The Overseer tells Mario a great evil Koopa is rising; referencing Boom Boom. When Boom Boom arrives, a massive battle ensues at Mario's house. With the help of the Overseer, Bowser is destroyed and Boom Boom is put to an end. Season 5 finally begins and Mario faces off against new aliens, Pokemon, and even a golf game. He downward dog fucked peach in the mushroom kingdom hotel and had 7 kids!


Mario has always been a bit hot headed, and can be a jerk to his brother Luigi. He has been shown to be easily enraged and takes revenge seriously. Mario often times has a big ego and doesn't think everything through. Mario also looks at Peach as annoying, and hates Junior and Nabbit to death. Despite this, he still jumps into action when the Kingdom is in danger. Mario is also protective of Peach and Luigi, and will do anything to save them.


Mario possesses Fire Powers or Anger Powers, which he obtained from becoming extremely angry. In the episode Mario's Anger, Nabbit and Junior are shown shooting ink at Mario's car right before work. They then use a golf club to destroy the car, enraging Mario. Mario grabs an air soft gun and fires at the kids. Nabbit is shot, but the two get away. Luigi tries to help Mario by putting him in a calm, zen like state of mind, but it backfires and Mario's powers are ultimately unlocked. His powers are often utilized in combat, but they see their use mostly in Season V. His powers aren't used much after Season 5.


  • Mario appeared in every episode up until the Bowser, Junior, and Kamek mini series in Season 2.
  • Mario gained his powers after Nabbit and Junior destroyed his car. Luigi attempted to calm him down in a zen world, but it only allowed Mario to finally access his powers. He later storms Junior's house by firing fireballs in all directions.
  • Mario is actually the first shown character in the entire series, appearing seconds before Luigi.
  • While Luigi was presumably the main character of the first movie, Mario takes the spotlight for the second.
  • Mario owns a mansion from the money he got from his adventures.
  • Mario is one of the few celebrities in the Mushroom Kingdom, though his fame has decreased over the years.