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What Mario probably felt in the situation

Mario's Odyssey is the 18th episode of Season 8 of the Epic Mario Bros Series. It was uploaded on November 22, 2017. The episode was mostly made to be a filler episode before Aidan quit youtube as he received huge criticism. The video was uploaded six days before Super Mario Odyssey would be released.


The video starts with Mario playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a week before Super Mario Odyssey's release date. Mario becomes sick of playing the game, wishing for something new. Luigi suggest different games but Mario wants something bigger. He finally tells him about Super Mario Odyssey, which they pre ordered. Mario becomes excited and waits for a week, he is woken up by singing Toad's on the game's release date. Both of them go out to check the mail.

Meanwhile, Junior and Kamek are outside to test a spell. Junior is resentful at first, but Kamek reassures him that it isn't harmful. At the same time, a delivery Toad is carrying the game and Kamek accidentally shoots a spell at the game. As a result, Mario transforms into a T-rex as Toad shockingly is scared. Of course, Mario freaks out and blames Kamek for his stupid decision. Kamek tells him that there is a boo inside him and that he needs to collect power moons in order to repeal the boo inside him. The power moons are in New Donk City, Tostadosrena, and the Steam Gardens.

Kamek teleports Mario and himself to New Donk City where Kamek insists on getting the power moon himself. Of course, citizens freak out about the T-rex but Kamek returns with a power moon. Then, they teleport to Tostadosrena and find that the power moon is right next to them. Mario complains that they don't get to explore but Kamek says it's for the better. Finally, they teleport to Steam Gardens where the last power moon is on top of a giant tower. Mario and Kamek head up top and gain the last power moon.

Back at the house, Delivery Toad alerts Luigi of the situation but Luigi doesn't believe it. Mario and Kamek teleport back to the house where he gives them to Mario ands turns back to himself. Kamek tells Mario not to tell Bowser and he leaves. Mario proposes that they tell Bowser and Luigi proposes that they play Super Mario Odyssey. They walk off to play the game as Delivery Toad says how odd this situation was.