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Mario's Video Games 2
Season 5, Episode 11
Vital statistics
Air date March 31, 2016
Written by EpicMarioBros
Directed by EpicMarioBros
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The Easter Dilemma Nabbit's Robbery

Mario's Video Games 2 is the 90th Epic Mario Bros episode, and was uploaded on March 31, 2016. The episode marks the first time Toadsworth makes a voice appearance in the series.


One day, Mario decides to quit his job and play all of his video games. Luigi hides all of the video games in the closet, and Mario proceeds to beat Luigi up. After doing so, Luigi is forced to show Mario where the games are hidden. Later on, Luigi meets Toadsworth who crashes into the house. Toadsworth lies and tells Luigi that he's a therapist. Toadsworth then diagnoses Mario, and concludes that Mario's addiction is critical. At this point, Mario ends up being sucked into New Super Mario Bros. Toadsworth explains that Luigi must free Mario from his fantasy. Luigi then begins whacking Mario with a hammer. When that doesn't work, Luigi grabs Peach. This ultimately frees Mario from his fantasy, and so Luigi throws a Bob-Omb at the video game stash, destroying it.


"How many video games do you have?"


  • This is the first episode to mention Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • Toadsworth tells Luigi to get a Nuclear Bomb to wake Mario up. He tells Luigi that some kids bought one "a few weeks ago". This is a reference to the previous episode, The Easter Dilemma.
  • In the beginning of the episode, Mario is playing a Diego game.