Meet Boo

Meet Boo
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date July 4, 2013
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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Meet Boo is the first ever episode of EMB. It was uploaded July 4th, 2013, but was filmed sometime in the summer of 2011.


Mario wakes up on the edge of the so called "cliff" and falls into Wario's Toilet although the character Wario didn't exist at the time. Mario gets out and talks to Luigi about going outside, but it is raining. After taking a shower, the bros. get a phone call from Boo, a new character, who says he is coming over. When Boo arrives, Mario and Luigi show him the house, and then they play hide and seek. Boo wins the game, and eventually leaves because his "mom" called.

Characters Introduced


  • When Boo says "I have to go see my mom", someone in the background says, "Hi mummy!"
  • Mario mentions he wasn't in Luigi's Mansion, but he actually was.
  • This is the first time viewers see the actor Brandon C., who eventually left EMB.
  • Meet Boo isn't actually the first ever filmed episode, Meet Dutch is. Meet Dutch was filmed with the original Epic Mario Bros cast, including the dolls as the main Mario and Luigi.
  • The video was filmed in two separate days. The first day, and a different day a week later when Boo arrived in the mail.
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