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Nabbit is Junior’s friend and half-brother, and he is one of the main characters of EMB. He is a rabbit wearing a purple outfit and a mask similar to Junior’s. He is always carrying the stuff he stole in a sack.


Nabbit is the son of Bowser and Bowletta. After an argument, Bowser ended up killing Bowletta. Afterward, Bowletta became a Boo, and took Nabbit with her after getting divorced. A few years later, his first video appearance was in Junior’s Summer Camp (Part 1/2) where he meets Junior and Koopa for the first time. After that, he has been hanging out with Junior and Koopa leading him to be a bad influence to Junior. In Junior’s War, a little war between Junior’s friends and Mario and Bowser started because Nabbit wanted this in the first plac. Junior stop this though which Nabbit pretty mad and threatens to shoot Junior. However, Bowser kicks Nabbit up of his house, literally thus ending his friendship.

After that, Nabbit became ”unpopular,” so he decided to get revenge on them. However, this goes horribly wrong when The Mask possessed Nabbit, and attacked Koopa. The Mask is stopped by Sans, and Nabbit leaves. He later became homeless. Nabbit attempts to change, but learns that Koopa is from another dimension. Nabbit fights Koopa because he’s tired of Junior and his friends ending up in “weird situations.” Nabbit loses, and tells Koopa to live “a good life” after they apologize to each other. Nabbit seemed to have gotten over his hatred over Koopa after he destroys the glasses that Dry Bowser gave him finally admitting that something is wrong with him. In The Megalomaniac, Nabbit sacrifices himself to stop Sans. His attempt was successful, but Nabbit died in the end this redeeming his past actions.


At first, Nabbit acts gangster and acts cool or “swag.” He commits crimes such as stealing and banadalizing property. Once, Nabbit attempted to kill Mario because Nabbit doesn’t like him. After Junior’s War, he slowly started to examine his consciousness. After that, Nabbit is determined to change, but his lack of a moral compass makes it very hard for him. In the end, his character developed tremendously as he sacrificed himself to save his friends.

Powers and Abilities

Nabbit is very skilled with firearms especially with his signature gun, but he is also good with hand-to-hand combat. Nabbit is also good at basketball. He mentions that he knows how to parkour in the Junior’s Summer Camp. Nabbit is also good at stealing stuff, and has a lot stamina as seen in Junior’s War.

  • In Season 7, Nabbit accidentally orders a hitman to kill Dry Bones.
  • In The Deep Web, Nabbit references SuperMarioLogan at minute 1:29