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Nabbit's Revenge!
Season 7, Episode 7
Vital statistics
Air date July 8, 2017
Written by EpicMarioBros
Directed by EpicMarioBros
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Nabbit's Revenge is the 141st Epic Mario Bros video and was released on July 8, 2017. The video follows Nabbit's conquest to kill Junior and his friends months after the events of Junior's War.


One night, Nabbit tries to get into contact with a Shy Guy known as Tyrone. He wants to have a collaboration for a rap song. However, Tyrone turns Nabbit down, saying he's not popular. After this, Nabbit becomes self aware of his predicament. He blames his unpopularity on Junior, and proceeds to take his revenge. The next day, Bowser Junior and Dry Bones are talking outside when Nabbit shoots Junior with an air soft gun. Dry Bones quickly drags Junior inside. There, Bowser Junior concludes that someone is trying to kill him. Dry Bones thinks that such a thing would be too crazy, but the two hurry to the basement to hide anyway. Nabbit enters the house, ready to kill. In the basement, the two kids hear the ominous voice. Eventually, Nabbit finds the basement and shoots it up. Junior tries talking to Nabbit, telling him that they were his only friends. Nabbit refuses this, but Junior attempts to tackle Nabbit anyway. Upstairs, a brawl ensues. Nabbit eventually holds Junior a gun point. Junior is unafraid, saying that Nabbit would never kill him. Just as Nabbit begins to calm down, a Warp Portal appears and Koopa flies out. He explains that he knows what is destroying the dimensions, but is cut off when the mysterious green light possesses Nabbit somehow. Nabbit gains strange green powers, and attacks the kids once more. Just then, Sans strangely appears and attacks the possessed Nabbit. Nabbit is defeated, and reverted to normal by Sans' unknown ability. After waking up, Junior and Koopa asks what happened to Nabbit. He mysteriously says that he saw him


  • This video now shows that Nabbit not only dislikes Junior, but also Koopa and Dry Bones.
  • Dry Bones says that he has hearing aids in this episode.
  • Nabbit is shown to act big when in reality, he's very insecure.
  • After the events of this episode, Nabbit si most likely friends with Junior again.