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The Normal Realm, or EMB Universe as it is also called, is where the majority of the show takes place. It is often called a carbon copy of the Human Realm, (meaning the realm you and I live in) and is inhabited by the characters from the show. Many planets and stars exist within this dimension. Some notable planets shown are the Mushroom Kingdom, (or Natura) the Leafy Kingdom, the Aqua Kingdom/Zelphox, the Cacti Kingdom/Chandek, the Bean Bean Kingdom, Terramorph, and even the Sarasaland Kingdom. It is guarded by the Creators, who originate from the Human Realm. A notable entity in the Normal Realm is the Elite. His story and existence is mysterious, and he seems to want control over the dimension.


  • This realm is often broadcasted in the YouTube Realm
  • An ancient evil perpetually threatens the Normal Dimension, but is held back by the Creators.
  • The most powerful mortal of the Normal Realm may be Philox, who met his fate in 2015.