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The Superweapon firing.

The Superweapon is a weapon on any large Philoxian vessel, most notably any mothership. These weapons have had various uses throughout history, but were never used against the Mushroom Kingdom. Philox used the Superweapon on his mothership during the events of the Movie, and the Movie 2.


The Superweapon is a a round disk on the bottom of any larger Philoxian vessel, and is primarily used for the destruction of planets. It takes significant energy to be able to charge the Superweapon, but in turn, the weapon unleashes a fiery blast of plasma that would incinerate you in mere seconds. The Superweapon generates a plasma "core" in the center, with electric bolts feeding the core. When the core grows large enough, magnets in the dome release an EMP, or electromagnetic pulse, and fires the plasma in a beam of blue. When the beam hits a surface, blue plasma gas forms around the impact and soon burns anything for miles. The beam, however, channels enough power into one particular area so that it creates a shock wave and explosion much like a nucle

The Superweapon charging.

ar bomb. Philox, in the Movie 2, used the Superweapon for a different purpose. When wanting desperately to gain access to the Creators, Philox found the Mushroom Kingdom once more; a planet filled entirely with Warp Crystals. This planet would be used to gain access to the Creators. Philox captured Peach and used her energy to fuel the Superweapon. When it fired, it would activate the planet's crystals and desomate everything. The planet would soon became a Warp Portal.

The destruction of a planet.


  • The Superweapon may be inspired by the concept of glassing from the Halo series.
  • The Superweapon had destroyed many planets before, but never destroyed the Mushroom Kingdom