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The Apocalypse is episode 53 in the Epic Mario Bros series, and was uploaded on July 27th. This episode is focused on Bowser and Junior when

The Apocalypse
Season 4, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date July 27
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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Kamek's Invention The Potion

a nuke strikes and chaos erupts.


Bowser is watching new show, Mask & Honey, when Junior suddenly interrupts. Bowser tells him to leave, but a State of Emergency message appears. A segment of President Bronty suddenly starts, and he explains that a nuclear bomb will hit the Mushroom Kingdom and that everybody should take cover immediately. Bowser and Junior rush to a pillow fort (With Poofers, of course) and wait. Then, Junior realizes Kamek is still outside. Kamek, examining flowers, sees a huge helicopter come into view with goombas on board. The helicopter drops a mini nuke, and Kamek runs to safety. Inside, Kamek is confused on why everybody is hiding in a pillow fort. The conversation is interrupted when the bomb drops and strangely, everyone is ok. Bowser get hungry and decides to get a snack when the doorbell rings. At the door is a zombie, and once again everybody goes crazy. Kamek makes a getaway when he opens a portal to his nuclear fallout shelter. Here, many weapons are stored. Bowser grabs a chainsaw, Junior with a pistol, and kamek with a sniper. The trio head out into the wasteland, leaving Poofers behind. Outside, a zombie is seen, but is quickly sniped by Kamek. Yet again another zombie walks up, but gets shot down by Junior. A third and final zombie is quickly torn to shred by Bowser. After walking for a bit, the trio stumble upon the Catastrophe Blade, a legendary sword that only appears when 'the end is near'. Bowser pulls it out of the ground, but is killed along with all the other survivors by zombies. In the end, the story is shown to be a movie with Mario and Peach watching it.


"What is YOUR plan for surviving the apocalypse?"


  • Mask & Honey makes its debut in this episode.
  • Legend Of Zelda music plays during the Catastrophe Blade segment.
  • This episode may be a spoof of Fallout.
  • The portal summoned by Kamek resembles a blue portal in the game Portal.
  • All weapons in this episode are Nerf Zombie Strikes blasters.
  • The zombies are actually the giant from Boring Adventures.
  • The reason Bowser, Junior, and Kamek survived is due to the pillows having resistance to nuclear bombs, as stated by Bowser.
  • The pillows were also bought on the Deep Web, unsurprisingly.
  • The music during the question continues for 30 more seconds.