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The Arms Tournament
Season 7, Episode 6
Vital statistics
Air date July 2, 2017
Written by EpicMarioBros
Directed by EpicMarioBros
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The Arms Tournament is the 140th Epic Mario Bros episode. It released on July 2nd, 2017, and is episode 6 in Season 7. The episode was a celebration of the release of Nintendo's Arms.


Junior and Koopa are playing Arms, when they realize that they're the best players in the world. Just then, Nintendo calls and invites them to an Arms tournament at Nintendo's E3 event. Junior goes to ask his dad if he could take them, not knowing that he was invited too. Bowser takes the kids, and the tournament begins. Junior and Koopa must defeat Mario and Luigi first, and succeed. Next, they unexpectedly fight Bowser. Although it's a harder fight, the kids win. Finally, Junior and Koopa advance to the final tier where they must defeat the creator of the game, Mr. Hiroshima. It's a long fight, but Junior and Koopa eventually defeat him. After doing so, the kids become slightly famous. However, the victory doesn't last long. Mr. Hiroshima arrives at the house, declaring a rematch since he claims that he wasn't actually playing. The real battle begins, and Koopa quickly gets knocked out. After fighting for a longer period of time, Junior is defeated and Mr. Hiroshima is declared victor. However, Junior claims that he wasn't actually playing either, and the episode ends.

Characters Introduced

  • Mr. Hiroshima
  • Yellow Toad


  • Mr. Hiroshima is based off of the real-life creator of Arms, Mr. Yabuki.
  • Mr. Hiroshima doesn't actually speak Japanese. He just spits out different famous Japanese items like Pikachu, Naruto, Toyota, and Sega.
  • When the exposition center is revealed, a banner advertising a Barbie game is shown.
  • The gameplay was provided by 'GameplayOnly - Trailers & Gameplay'