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The Boot Camp (Part 1/2) is the sixth episode of Season 6 of the Epic Mario Bros Series. The video was uploaded on August 29, 2016 and marked the first appearance of Dry Bones and Dry Bowser.


The video starts with Bowser watching TV when he finds a commercial for Dry Koopa Death Camp, where Dry Bowser tells the audience that their kid is terrible and to send them there. Bowser immediately sets Junior up for boot camp since he thinks that he is out of shape. Meanwhile, Junior watches an illuminati clock when Bowser comes to tell him that he signed him up for boot camp. Junior is resentful, wanting to play and worrying about school. Bowser still sends him with anyway his friends, Koopa and Nabbit. Bowser drives them there were Koopa and Nabbit are hopeful but Junior is still resentful.

At Dry Koopa Death Camp, they notice an airship in the air where Dry Bowser and his troops are planning to drop down. His retarded son, Dry Bones complains since he wants to play "Minecraft: the sandbox construction game". Dry Bowser doesn't care and all of them proceed to jump down where they meet the kids, while Dry Bones cries about his hurt bruise like Peter Griffin, a troop eventually helps him out. Dry Bowser tells them that they're useless and created the camp for his son. Junior and Koopa are scared but Nabbit finds them cool. Dry Bowser leads the kids to their first obstacle course while Dry Bones still complains.

The first test is a fire pit were they have to walk over it and he's hopeful they die. Dry Bones quickly makes friends with Junior, much to his dismay. Nabbit quickly decides he wants to go first and he succeeds. Everyone gets annoyed with Dry Bones and move on to the next test. At the next test, satellites will shoot missiles at them if they walk under them. Dry Bones is worried about the test, but Dry Bowser picks him first even though Boom Boom quickly does the test first. Boom Boom waits for the explosion to happen and he dies. Junior and his friends become scared and they plan to escape. Dry Bowser goes to the bathroom while his troop watches them. Nabbit shoots the troop watching them and Dry Bones complains about the noise. They run off as the video ends to the next part, The Boot Camp Part 2.


  • The video marked the first appearance of Dry Bones and Dry Bowser, who would become main characters in the series.
  • Bowser says that he thinks he meet Dry Bowser in high school or college, which foreshadows for the episode, Dry Bowser's Revenge.
  • Dry Bones used to have a stutter at first but loses it in later episodes.