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The Cold Fathom above the Mushroom Kingdom.

The Cold Fathom is Philox's second mothership, utilized in 2015 for the second assault on the Mushroom Kingdom. This ship was significantly larger than The Rising Star, and was constructed in the abandoned shipyards of the Leafy Kingdom. However, the ship's Warp Engines were manually overheated during the second invasion and it was destroyed. The Cold Fathom later crashed to the surface of the Mushroom Kingdom in an area later known as the Star Wastelands.


The Cold Fathom was about twice as long as The Rising Star, and it featured larger rooms and halls. It's Superweapon was unparalleled in size, and the Superweapon generator featured a container specifically used to sap life energy in order for conversion to plasma. The command bridge was almost twice as large and spacious as The Rising Star's, and oftentimes it was used primarily as Philox's private quarters. Besides this, not much is known about the ship's interior. The ship also contained a powerful Warp Crystal engine, this time capable of transporting multiple ships into and out of the Warp Zone