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The House

The House has been Mario and Luigi's house since the beginning of the channel. Nearly every EMB video takes place in the house. Bowser's house, which is across the forest from Mario's house, is almost exactly the same as the traditional house.


The main house appeared in the first ever episode of Epic Mario Bros. It has remained relatively consistent since the beginning of the series. In Season 5, the main couch was replaced by a white couch for a little bit. The main couch, which has appeared in most of the episodes, returned later on. In Season 7, Link caused a massive moon to crash into the house, destroying it. However, an identical copy of the house was built in only 3 weeks.


There are several rooms and secrets found in the house. The main room is the Living Room, which is where a lot of episodes begin. It has a TV and a couch, as well as a coffee table. Next is the hall, which leads to the front door, the basement, and a bathroom. The bathroom was once Wario and Waluigi's home before they were kicked out. It was called Wario's Toilet. The toilet leads down to a sewer, where Wario and Waluigi's secret hideout once was. To the left of the hall is another living room, called the White Room. It contains the white couch which was once in the Living Room. Behind it is the Office, which never really makes an appearance. To the right of the hall is the Dining Room. The Dining Room is where Mario and Luigi had Thanksgiving dinner, but besides that, it isn't very important. Behind the Dining Room is the Kitchen. The Kitchen has a main table, a refrigerator, a bar stool table, a sink, a stove, and an oven. It leads to the Backyard and the Garage. The Garage is where the cars are parked, and contains bikes and yard materials. The Backyard contains a patio with a table, and leads to the Forest. Upstairs, there is a second hall. This hall leads to Mario's Room, Luigi's Room, the Guest Room, and the secret room. The Guest Room was where Farmer Yoshi and Fluffy once stayed. It was burned down by Wario during his rampage. Downstairs is the Basement. The Basement is where the Xbox is, as well as a mysterious green screen. The Basement also leads to a cellar, which hasn't been seen in many videos.


  • The house was once infested with a Nightmare Poltergeist named Monkeyman.
  • The house has been used as the set of other things, like Bowser's Floating Castle, Boo's Funhouse, and even a school.