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An interpretation of Bowser Jr running into the forest

The Life of Junior is the third episode of season 8 of the Epic Mario Bros series. It was uploaded on May 27, 2018 and would mark the final appearance of Junior, Bowser, Koopa and Dry Bones. This would be the second episode before the creator, Aidan would quit Youtube. Unlike his other seasons, Season 8 doesn't start with an intro or a narration.


The video starts with Junior and Koopa sitting on the couch thinking of what to do. They try to play Kirby Star Allies, but Bowser forces him get the mail since he's too lazy. As Junior gets the mail, Dry Bones comes out and says he's jealous that Junior never invited him. However, Junior proceeds to invite him over anyway. When they walk in, they watch Koopa play video games for five hours. Dry Bones finally breaks the silence saying that he's bored. He says that things have become more boring since they don't go on adventures anymore and proceeds to leave. An hour later, Koopa leaves and Junior can't find his father but eventually sees Kamek on the table. Kamek says that he's sorry as he disappears and Junior freaks out over him and he heads to bed, all alone in his house.

The next day, things seem to happen as if it did yesterday. Bowser seems to only appear when he tells Junior to get the mail, implying that that is his only code/script. When Junior gets the mail, he says too Koopa with anger that things seem to be repeating and questions their existence. Koopa calms him down and they both head inside. Koopa suggests that they play video games, but Junior doesn't want to repeat what they did yesterday. Not to Junior's surprise, Dry Bones arrives at his house. With anger, he thinks that he lives in a simulation and he compares his friends to actors. Junior runs out into the forest and he can't calm himself down. Junior hallucinates Nabbit and Junior runs to him, hoping that things would be different. But Nabbit is resentful saying that he needs to live his life as he disappears. Junior cries on the ground questioning his existence again. Meanwhile, Koopa and Dry Bones find him and Junior says that they need to find the answer to why he thinks they're in a Youtube series. Junior, Koopa, and Dry Bones plan to find Kamek, Bowser, and "The Director". The episode ends with "To Be Continued", but Aidan would never proceed to make another part.