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An interpretation of Mario and Luigi on the Charisma V

The Moon is the first episode of Season 8 of the Epic Mario Bros Series. It was uploaded on April 5, 2018. Unlike his other episodes, it doesn't start with an intro or narration. A sequel would be released called The TV Show.


The episode starts as a Blue Toad states on live TV that the space station, the Horizon Delta will attempt a warp jump for the first time in Mushroom Kingdom history. As the countdown ends, The Horizon Delta appears that they have made a successful warp jump to the moon. Mario and Luigi also watch the live event and Luigi is happy that they've done so, but Mario states that other civilizations made a warp jump years ago. A connection is lost between ground control and the Horizon Delta and as they make a connection, a toad on the station screams that the ship is going down as the connection is lost. Ground control suggests that they send a rescue team.

They prepare a rocket ship called the Charisma V for Mario and Luigi as Toadbert explains that they'll arrive at the Moon to a rescue pod from the Horizon Delta. Mario and Luigi hastily agree to rescue the crew. Ground Control lift off the Charisma V as it successfully arrives out of the atmosphere. The engines separate as the main module heads to the Moon. Once there, Mario and Luigi notice the Horizon Delta orbiting the Moon, but something appears to pull them in. The crew lands on the moon successfully. Not needing space suits, Mario and Luigi walk around the Moon searching for the crew. They notice the rescue pod from the Horizon Delta but find that the crew is dead. One toad tells them to run but his shot by a fire ball.

Mario and Luigi escape to the module and relaunch back to Earth. Ground Control stress about what they'll say to the press, thinking that the government will cover it up again. Toadbert accepts that the crew's death is his fault but the yellow toad tells him to stay calm. Back on Live TV, the Blue Toad explains that Mario and Luigi successfully arrive back on Earth, but there is still no information about the Horizon Delta Crew. The episode ends with to be continued.


  • The music that plays at the beginning is the opening music from the the Stanley Kubrick movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Mario says he retired, but the wiki states he's only 25. Mario's a boomer.