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The EMB Movies.

The Epic Mario Bros Movies are 3 full length cinematic movies on the EpicMarioBros channel. Currently, there are 3 movies; The , The Movie 2: The Warp Zone, and The Movie 3: Eternal Revenge. All three movies were received generally positively, although the second did get some negative feedback regarding the plot. The first Movie was uploaded in May of 2014, and the Movie 2 was uploaded in June of 2015. A remake of the first EMB Movie, called The Movie Remastered, released July 1st, 2016. The Movie 3: Eternal Revenge was released in May of 2017. It featured Mario, Luigi, Peach, as well as both the Overseer and the new Designer. The main villain is Rigex, or the leader of a splinter organization from Philox's Empire.

The Movie

The first movie featured Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Junior, and an enemy called Philox, as well as many other characters from the Mushroom Kingdom. It was composed of 4 parts, and a full version has yet to be released, but is planned for September. This movie was very well received for the time, and was the first time a green screen was ever utilized on EMB's channel.



In the beginning of the Movie, Mario is headed off to Bowser's castle to get his revenge on Junior for what he did at school. Bowser and Junior run off, frightened, but are soon greeted by a crashed alien spaceship. The two investigate, and find Philox and his second-in-command, Chirox. All of Bowser's minions were soon brainwashed (Including Junior) and Bowser joins Philox. Philox's plan was to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom, but his engines failed and the ship crashed. Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi receive a letter to visit the ship in the woods, for no particular reason. Mario and Luigi head off to the ship, and discover a brainwashed Koopa and Goomba. The minions let Mario and Luigi through, and into the dark and dreary ship. After exploring the dank hallways, the duo finally meet up with Philox in the command bridge. Here, Philox calls upon Chirox to exterminate Mario and Luigi. Both get away after fighting through some brainwashed minions, but Luigi is shot right by the exit. Mario leaves in horror, while Luigi is taken to a prison. (Energy extractor) Mario calls upon Yoshi to help form an alliance and rescue Luigi. The alliance is formed including Yoshi, Mario, Yellow Yoshi, Toad, Blue Yoshi, and Blue Toad. The plan created was to have Toad distract the brainwashed minions, while Mario and Yoshi (Dressed up like Minions) enter the ship and find Luigi. The plan succeeds, until they get to Luigi, where dozens of brainwashed minions attack. Soon after the attack, Chirox returns to finish off Mario and Yoshi. A battle goes down, but Chirox ultimately perishes. After the battle, Mario and Yoshi try to release Luigi, but he explains that he is the energy source of the spaceship. The ship takes off, and Toad runs for his life while the minions are scorned. Back in the ship, Luigi explains that he is powering a powerful weapon called the Superweapon. A timer will start when Luigi is released, counting down to the weapon's firing. Despite the pressing issue, Mario frees Luigi anyway. Meanwhile on the Mushroom Kingdom, Toad informs Yellow Toad, Blue Toad, and Blue Yoshi of the ship's departure. The group devises a plan to help Mario, Luigi and Yoshi by flying paper airplanes up to the ship. The plan works, but they soon run into problems. Bowser is walking in the hallway where the airplanes collided, and is about to kill the group when Yellow Yoshi and Toad convince Bowser to join them. Now all the group had to do was find Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi, and they eventually do. Mario soon runs off to defeat Philox, the Yoshis scout ahead to find minions, and Blue Toad takes Luigi to a safer place to rest. Everybody else stays with Bowser to help fight when the enemy approaches. Little did the alliance know that one of Philox's spies was watching. Mario, now in the command bridge, confronts Philox, and the two duke it out. Mario ends up being shot. Thinking Mario is dead, Philox tells everyone using a loudspeaker he has perished. Luigi gets so upset he confronts Philox himself. Meanwhile, all of the remaining minions attack the alliance, and an epic battle goes down. Philox, this time, transports himself into the Warp Zone, and Luigi follows. In the Warp Zone, the final showdown takes place, but Luigi wins and Philox is flung far away. Luigi then returns to the ship, and all the minions are reverted to their original form. Everybody is baffled by the sudden change, but soon find out Luigi defeated Philox. The victory is short lasted, because new problems arise. The ships starts self destructing, and many minions die while the main alliance head to the command bridge in hopes of survival. Bowser blocks off the entrance, but he isn't strong enough to stop the flaming inferno. Everybody survives thanks to Bowser, and the credits roll.

Philox in space.



The Mothership along with many other craft.


The Brainwashed Minions.



The Alliance The Alliance was formed to stop the Philoxian Army from terminating the Mushroom Kingdom.
Bowser's Army Bowser's Army is against Mario and Luigi, though they were soon brainwashed by Philox to take over the Mushroom Kingdom.
Philoxian Army The Philoxian Army was formed by Philox and his partner Chirox to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom. This faction utilized spacecraft and came from outer space. Another known member is Rigex, who is a shipmaster under Philox's command.

The Movie 2: The Warp Zone

The second movie features Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Philox, but also newcomers like Peach and Toadsworth. Unlike the first movie, the second takes place in the Leafy Kingdom for the most part. This is where Philox lead his operations. The movie's subtitle is related to the fact that Warp Portals and the Warp Zone were utilized throughout the movie, and were a huge part of the plot. This was the first time the 3D modeling software Blender was used on EMB's channel.



The movie starts out showing Philox floating through the Warp Zone, after being defeated by Luigi in the events of the last movie. A sudden Warp Portal opens up, and despite what many think, this was actually caused by the Elite. Although it isn't shown, Philox then receives new powers and is sent back to the Leafy Kingdom to begin his operations. Meanwhile in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Peach are getting married when a sudden Warp Portal opens up, sucking everybody in and to the Leafy Kingdom. On the other hand at Bowser's castle, another Warp Portal opens up, sucking Bowser in. Mario wakes up in a forest, and is met by Toadsworth. Toadsworth is a native hermit of the land, and leads Mario to his shack. However, Toadsworth is actually aware of an evil emperor ruling the kingdom, referencing Philox. He convinces Mario to travel with him to the Communications Tower to destroy it, and prevent the emperor's fleet from taking off. Mario agrees, and the two head out.

Toadsworth being electrocuted by Philox.

While traveling in the woods, Philox ambushes the duo. Mario instantly knows who he is and what he's doing, and jumps to fight Philox. However, he is taken by surprise when Philox throws him using lightning powers. Toadsworth is next, being lifted into the air by lightning. He is then thrown against a tree and electrocuted. Philox lets him go, but then proceeds to finish him off. He jumps into the air, and charges an electric ball above his head. Toadsworth tells Mario he must destroy the Communications Tower and stop Philox, before being killed by the blast of energy. Mario is unable to move, as he is electrocuted. He eventually recovers, and makes his way to the Communications Tower. Nearby the tower, Luigi wakes up and sees Mario climbing it. He rushes towards him. Meanwhile on the tower, Mario is met with a strange enemy: the Digital Koopas. These enemies are easily destroyed, but there are lots of them.

The Digital Koopas on the Communications Tower

After clearing the tower of Koopas, Mario presses on until he reaches the top where Bowser has been stationed. Bowser reveals he is working for Philox, but Mario initiates battle. After a gruesome fight, Bowser falls to the base of the Communications Tower. Mario then attempts to destroy the tower using a command console, but cannot. He takes a different course of action when Philox's fleet takes off. Mario grabs a wire from the console and leads in to the top. When the Mothership passes overhead, Mario jumps and grabs on, tearing the wire. This causes the whole tower to explode. Unfortunately, it isn't needed since the fleet has already taken off. Mario explores the dark and creepy Mothership until he arrives at the Command Bridge. This is where Philox is controlling the ship. Mario confronts him, and he tells Mario that he is going to the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario doesn't stand for that, but Philox is once again more powerful. He is electrocuted multiple times, and thrown off the ship back down to the Leafy Kingdom. Mario lands at the site where the Communications Tower once stood. It is now in ruin and flames. Luigi comes rushing to Mario, but Mario just wants to get back to the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser is also there, and negotiates with the two so he could come along with them. The trio then make their way back to Toadsworth's shack, where they find a Warp Crystal. They summon a Warp Portal, and travel to the Mushroom Kingdom. Unfortunately, Mario and Luigi aren't quick to wake up, and when they do, it's night. To top it off, Bowser has disappeared. While walking through the Mushroom Forest, a mysterious ghost appears. Its actually Ghost Toadsworth, and he tells the duo that Philox is planning to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom. In order to stop him, Mario and Luigi must get to the Mothership and destroy it from within. Toadsworth uses his undead powers to allow Mario and Luigi to inhabit ghost flying abilities. The three take to the night sky, and must avoid the incoming fleet of ships. Some try to shoot, and one laser hits Luigi, causing him to fall. Fortunately, he is saved. When Mario spots Bowser flying one of the ships, he jumps off of Toadsworth. Mario successfully lands on Bowser's ship, and infiltrates. Inside the ship, Bowser explains to Mario Philox was proud of what he did, meaning his betrayal to the bros. However, Mario wants to crash the ship into the Mothership, which could destroy it.

Mario and Bowser free falling.

A bloody fight goes down, but Mario successfully launches the ship at full speed towards the Mothership. Unfortunately, Bowser and Mario are both flung to the back of the ship, where Mario is brutally beat up. He manages to get outside the ship, where the two fight in midair. The ship misses the Mothership, though. While free falling, Mario is able to kick Bowser hard enough to where he smashes into an oncoming ship, defeating him. Mario is saved from falling to his death by Toadsworth, and the group makes their final ascension to Philox's Mothership. There, Toadsworth explain he has expended all of his energy and must return to the Underworld. Mario and Luigi begin to traverse the dark halls until they see Digital Koopas. In order to combat them, Luigi uses a machine gun found in the ship. Waves of Digital Koopas arrive, but most are destroyed by Luigi. Meanwhile, Mario searches for Philox. Instead, he comes across a huge cylinder room with a huge hole in the center. 4 bridges connect to a pillar in the center. On top is a glowing blue vat, containing Peach. This room is the Superweapon Command Room. It is directly above the Superweapon, and is where it is charged from. Mario rushes to save Peach, but a mechanical Bowser stops him in his path. Cyborg Bowser states he had some upgrades after being defeated before, and claims to be unstoppable. He possesses the power to fire purple lasers from his eye. Mario manages to jump on him and break the vat containing Peach. He then runs along the side of the room, but is caught in the arm by the laser. Mario recovers and gets a few hits off Cyborg Bowser. Mario, unfortunately, is hit a few more times and is knocked off the bridge. He manages to hold on for a few seconds, and gets back up, hitting Cyborg Bowser.

Cyborg Bowser

The mechanized Bowser is thrusted backwards and into the vat, where he is electrocuted. The electrocution causes Cyborg Bowser to fall off the ledge, presumably killing him. However, he may not actually be dead and may have survived due to the robotic enhancements. Mario grabs Peach, and heads back to where Luigi is. Luigi is attempting to deal with all the Digital Koopas, but is overwhelmed by a missile fired from a Digital Shyguy's rocket launcher. Mario tells Luigi to look after Peach while he goes to stop Philox. At the Command Bridge. Philox is there, and tells Mario he's too late. Mario doesn't understand, but Philox tells him he tried to destroy the Superweapon by saving Peach unintentionally, and this didn't work as the Superweapon and already been charged. Philox then goes on to explain his plan, which was formulated by the Elite. Philox tells Mario the Creators control everything, and are evil as there is no freedom in the universe. He says the only way to stop this is by igniting the Mushroom Kingdom's Warp Crystal interior, and form a huge Warp Portal to get to the Creator Realm. Philox says it is why the Superweapon is needed. Of course, this isn't the only way as the Elite had lied to Philox to get him to do his bidding. Mario is enraged, and jumps in to fight Philox. The two have an epic duel, but Mario is eventual bested by Philox and thrown to the wall. Just as Philox was about to knock Mario out, Luigi comes and blows up the command console. This causes a chain reaction which ignites the Warp Drive in the rear of the ship. The engines of the Mothership blow up, and form a massive Warp Portal. Philox sees this opportunity to get to the Creator Realm, and uses his jetpack to fly there. Mario chases after by holding on to Philox. The two fight through an array of debris leading to to the portal. After going through, they wake up in a bright, large room. Philox gets up, and prompts Mario to join him. Mario, of course, refuses and notes that there are no hands holding them and that they are weak. Philox doesn't care, and summons the Creators. The Creators, are, in fact, life-size humans. They approach Philox, and grab him. Philox manages to electrocute them, and he falls to the ground. Mario is also slammed to the ground several times by a Creator. The one that lifted Mario up is then hit by lightning summoned by Philox. Another Creator falls to Philox's lightning.

The Creators in the Creator Realm

That Creator then grabs Philox and slams him into the ground while Mario attempts to make it to a small version of the Mothership. He believes this is a link to the normal dimension. Philox is still being destroyed by the Creator's wrath. Mario arrives at the Mothership, but two Creators try to grab him before he teleports back into the normal world. Back at the destroyed Mothership, Mario hears Luigi calling in the distance. Philox tries returning through the portal but is grabbed by a Creator's hand and killed. Mario can't move, and faints. The next thing he sees is the sky of the Mushroom Kingdom. He's back on the ground, and Peach and Luigi are there too. They head off to the edge of the forest to look at the falling Mothership, until it hits the ground and blows up.This does not result in the death of the trio, the explosion is very bright and very far away.



The Movie Remastered

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 7.29.59 AM.JPG

A remake of the first EMB Movie was announced June 16, 2016. It was to be the placeholder for a movie in 2016, as the next main entry in the series would not premiere until summer of 2017. The remake included a plot mostly the same as the original, except with better voice acting, more in depth characters, better visual effects and CGI, and minor plot improvements. The software used for the CGI and visual effects was Adobe After Effects, and this was the first time that it was utilized in an EMB Movie. The process used to create the virtual sets was "pseudo-3D", which uses flat planes to create a 3D model. Though the geometry was limited, it was a much easier process than using Blender or any other 3D modeling software. There are many differences between the two versions, here is a complete list. (The script will not be counted, as it is almost entirely different.)

  • The introductory scene is much longer and consists of Philox's fleet conquering other planets instead of a warp portal.
  • As opposed to Mario fighting Bowser and his son in his garden, Mario now fights him in the forest.
  • The reason is entirely different. Bowser has kidnapped Luigi for an unknown reason, and Mario must stop him. It is simple, but works for the exposition.
  • The scene in the school is gone, as that was the original reason why Mario went to fight Bowser.
  • The minions aren't present in the beginning.
  • The Mother ship is shown hitting Bowser, while Junior hides. (This may actually be the reason Bowser can't be brainwashed)
  • Luigi is watching TV on the couch, and Mario joins in. The scene with the mailboxes been removed and sparks a better relationship between the two brothers.
  • Instead of a note, the TV broadcasts a message from Philox.
  • Philox and Chirox are shown talking about their plans. Philox talks about how the nitrogen thick atmosphere caused the engines to fail, a detail not present in the original.
  • Bowser is shown being operated on by brainwashed Koopas, but cannot be altered in order to be brainwashed.
  • The guards on the outside of the ship are no longer there, but instead replaced by a sentry eye.
  • The ship is CG instead of a drawing.
  • The scene where Mario and Luigi walk through the ship is now a bit shorter.
  • The ship interior is no longer a set made of cloth and plastic pieces. It is now entirely CG.
  • Philox tells Chirox that the brothers could be the energy source necessary to get the ship to run again. He may know the brothers and their power from Bowser.
  • Chirox shows Luigi to Philox, and takes him to the engine room. Bowser then appears and is tasked with hunting down Mario, something he isn't the greatest at.
  • Peach is in her house/castle and is telling a Blue Toad to work harder. Mario then arrives and asks her to join an alliance to stop the alien invasion.
  • The Yoshis are now outside somewhere.
  • Peach asks Blue Toad to join.
  • Mario asks Toad to join, who is on the couch.
  • Yellow Yoshi is now a normal Yoshi.
  • The alliance gathers around a table/couch. There is now a holographic rendering in the center.
  • Mario explains his plan.
  • Peach, Yoshi, Toad, and Mario head off to the ship.
  • A thunderstorm is brewing, and Bowser appears to complete his mission.
  • Mario and Bowser fight, and Mario throws a bolt into Bowser's mouth. Lightning strikes him, defeating him.
  • Toad tries shooting the sentry eye before it sees the group. He misses several times.
  • Toad's song is gone, as it resembled SuperMarioLogan's version of Toad.
  • Toad stays behind.
  • The disguises are gone.
  • The group in the ship must be stealthy to avoid any minions from noticing them.
  • Mario finds out that Luigi is being held in the engine room, as he overhears some minions talking.
  • Luigi explains the Superweapon at this point.
  • The engine room is no longer in a cellar, and Luigi is no longer in a box.
  • Luigi is captive in a CG futuristic energy drainer.
  • Toad hides behind a tree to avoid the ship's inferno.
  • Chirox shoots Mario, but the bullet scathes him.
  • Chirox falls into a lava pit or furnace below the engine room, causing it to erupt.
  • Bowser is demoted after failing to defeat Mario.
  • Blue Toad is complaining about how the Alliance isn't doing anything but sitting around, when Toad arrives slightly burnt.
  • The Alliance looks to the skies at the ships in the air. They want to help, but have no idea how to ascend to the ships. Blue Toad references the paper airplanes from the original Movie.
  • Instead of paper airplanes, the Alliance use actual jets instead.
  • They have to endure smaller ships firing lasers, and Yellow Yoshi's wing is hit.
  • Toad fires missiles at a larger ship, destroying it.
  • The Alliance shoot a hole in he Mother ship, and use ejector seats to get in while the jets are destroyed.
  • Bowser is in the rubble, and the Alliance convince him to join their cause.
  • An automated voice announces that the Superweapon will commence fire in 15 minutes.
  • Peach takes Luigi elsewhere to rest.
  • Philox explains to Mario that he is conquering planets because he had been commissioned to. The Mushroom Kingdom is apparently the last of 300,000 planets that needed to be destroyed or conquered in order for Philox to receive his bounty. That bounty being powers of the gods.
  • Mario is shot by the brainwashing weapon, instead of actually being shot.
  • Philox lies to scare everybody by saying Mario is dead.
  • Philox tells Luigi that Mairo is not dead, just as he rises. He is brainwashed, and the two fight.
  • Luigi miraculously pulls through, even though Mario had always been stronger.
  • A sequence shows the tunnel to the Warp Zone as Creators and the Creator Realm is shown in the background.
  • The Warp Zone is now CG as opposed to a drawing.
  • Luigi once again pulls through and defeats Philox, and takes the gun from him before kicking him into the depths of the Warp Zone.
  • Luigi undoes the effects of the Brainwashing Gun, and everybody becomes normal as a result.
  • The Warp Teleporter no longer self destructs.
  • The automated voice announces that the Superweapon will fire in 10 seconds.
  • Luigi destroys the machine with the gun, causing the engines to explode.
  • On the ground, Mario looks up to the ship's explosion.
  • Luigi is praised by Mario for his deeds, as Mario sees the strength in him.
  • The credits now are the same style as the Movie 2's main credits.
  • A "Fans" section is added to the credits, with the original Movie in black and white in the background.
  • A secret ending has been added. Philox is shown being warped to the Center of the Universe, where the Elite is. The Elite gives Philox the powers even though he failed his mission. The reason being that he will need them for a more important mission, where he must destroy the Mushroom Kingdom in order to create a portal to the Creator Realm, where Philox will then kill the Creators. The Elite has also ordered a new fleet to land on the Leafy Kingdom, acting as a staging planet for the assault. The Elite also presumably provided his new army, the Digital Forces. This sets the stage for the second Movie. (Philox probably avoided telling Mario about the Elite to convince him to join his cause)

The Movie 3: Eternal Revenge

Af8b61 76786a0368d74929a373871f9af97940~mv2.png

The Movie 3: Eternal Revenge is third main entry in the Epic Mario Bros Movie series. Part 1 officially released on May 26, 2017, and had been the most anticipated EMB Movie of all time. The movie was claimed to have been the biggest plush movie ever created. A website for the movie released on May 14 and showcased the characters and some of the plot of the movie.


The Movie 3: Eternal Revenge follows the conquest of Rigex, a Zelphoxian who was once part of Philox's Empire. After the death of Philox, Rigex created a splinter organization to search for the one responsible for the demise of Philox. Rigex eventually came into contact with the Elite, who revealed that Mario was the one responsible. Rigex quickly travelled to the Mushroom Kingdom, only to come across a castle. It was Peach's Castle. The castle was raided by Rigex and his troop, and they ended up kidnapping Peach and blowing up the castle. Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi hear of the news and rush back to the castle in Bowser's airship. There, they encounter dead Toads and nothing more. Mario, afraid that Peach might be dead, becomes enraged and lobs a fire ball at Bowser. Luigi quickly drags Mario into the surrounding forest. There, the two brothers encounter the Overseer, a so-called "artificial intelligence unit". The Overseer explains Rigex's motives and tells the brothers that they must hide on the Leafy Kingdom. Mario disagrees, but it isn't long before Rigex's troops find the brothers. They run away while dodging the troops' lasers. After crossing a dike, the brothers enter a Warp Portal to the Leafy Kingdom. Meanwhile, on the Crimson Doubt, Rigex is informed of Mario and Luigi's escape. As a result, he smashes the control panel and shoots the officer. Enraged, he swears to find and kill Mario no matter what. On the Leafy Kingdom, Mario and Luigi appear through a Warp Portal. However, after arriving for the first time, Mario begins having a painful flashback to the planet's past. He is in a ruined city, and hears an omnipotent voice emitting from everywhere. It tells Mario that 'they' destroyed the planet. It then swears to destroy 'them'.

Mario in a flashback

Then, Mario wakes from the deadly flashback. After recovering from the incident, the Overseer teleports in. He tells Mario and Luigi that they must find an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) device within one of the planet's ancient foundries. These foundries once produced Hologram soldiers. Then, the Overseer mysteriously disappears. Mario and Luigi head off to find a foundry. Meanwhile, Rigex meets with the Elite after failing to kill Mario. However, the Elite does not care about Rigex's endeavors, and instead instructs Rigex to follow him. The Elite tells Rigex that he must kill the Creators by entering a specific Warp Portal above Icenda, or the Freezeflame Kingdom, in 48 hours. Rigex doesn't want to comply, until the Elite explains that Mario is on the Leafy Kingdom. Mario and Luigi quickly arrive at an Ancient Foundry. However, Mario experiences another flashback where a voice explains how 'they' destroyed a 'creation'. After waking up, Luigi tells Mario that he'll go in the foundry alone. Inside, Luigi encounters a defense unit called Watchdog 7102. The defense unit sends out a few Hologram soldiers, which are clones of Luigi. Luigi manages to defeat them all, and a failsafe protocol goes into effect. Luigi is grabbed by a robot arm, and dragged into the depths of the factory. Back outside, Mario has another flashback where the voice tells Mario that he was chosen to stop 'him' (the voice), and that Mario is fighting for chaos. A distorted image of an orange Creator appears, as a green light covers Mario's view. The green light is the Designer, who wakes Mario from the flashback. As Mario returns to consciousness, the Designer appears. The Designer tells Mario that he was chosen, and that a malign force is drawing near. Meanwhile, Luigi is being suspended above the ground as a monitor appears. The monitor is the Watchdog system, which is eventually taken over by the Overseer. After fighting back and forth, the Overseer drop Luigi down and diverts the Watchdog system to a remote location. He then tells Luigi to head towards the power supply room to search for the EMP device. Outside, the Designer explains that Mario was chosen to stop the malign force. He also says that the force controls all evil in the universe, including Rigex. Back in the foundry, the Watchdog activates its final defense system. A strange hologram creature emerges, but is quickly defeated by Luigi. Mario tells the Designer that he doesn't believe that he was chosen, He says that he doesn't need to believe it yet. Inside the power supply room, Luigi dislodges the device. The Overseer tells Luigi that they must leave in case of Rigex's fleet's arrival. Back outside, Mario explains his reasonings to the Designer when Luigi walks up. At the same time, the Designer teleports away. Mario says that they must wait, and the Overseer appears. However, the Designer teleports back and the two get into an argument. All of the sudden, a rumble shakes the forest. From the Ancient Foundry, a massive hologram appears. In the opposite direction, Rigex's fleet appears. Mario is told to take the EMP device to the top of the destroyed Communication Tower while Luigi fends off against the Watchdog hologram. As Rigex draws near, Mario climbs to the top of the tower. Luigi, the Overseer, and the Designer begin attacking the hologram. At the top of the tower, Mario activates the EMP device.

The EMP device shutting down the Crimson Doubt.

A countdown begins, as the chaos ensues. When the countdown reaches zero, Mario throws the device and jumps off. The device implodes, causing a large Electromagnetic Pulse, which destroys the circuitry and causes both the Hologram to be destroyed, and the Crimson Doubt to crash. After the event, Mario lands back at the base of the tower, as Rigex crawls out of the Crimson Doubt. The two meet in a plain of debris, and face each other in rage. Meanwhile, Luigi watches the Hologram fade away due to the effects of the EMP. The Designer and Overseer explain that Luigi must help Mario in defeating Rigex. As he runs away to find his brother, Rigex explains his reasons for killing Mario. Rigex tells Mario that he was the one who killed Philox before shooting Mario with a laser gun. Mario dodges, and a fight begins. After dueling for some time, Mario charges up a flame attack but is stopped by Rigex. This causes Mario to be flung away as Luigi arrives. Rigex, unable to attack Mario, walks away. Meanwhile, back on the Crimson Doubt, Peach manages to escape. She grabs a laser weapon and sneaks out of the ship. A great number of Zelphoxian soldiers surround the area, and one eventually spots Peach. Peach fires her weapon as she dodges lasers and escapes to the forest. Back at the clearing, Mario is severely wounded, and the Overseer and Designer appear. At this time, Peach arrives and heals Mario of his wounds. Mario, after waking up, is rejoiced to see Peach. The two embrace each other, and prepare to go home. However, the Designer and Overseer state that Mario must defeat Rigex because of Rigex's connection to a great evil. At first, Mario and Luigi reject the idea, but soon realize that they must follow the Overseer and Designer since they are the only ones that can create Warp Portals. Meanwhile, Rigex learns of Peach's escape. In a fit of rage, he brutally kills one of the soldiers. The Zelphoxians eventually repair the Crimson Doubt, and Rigex takes off. Rigex tells a soldier to order a kidnapping of Luigi, in order to use him as bait for Mario. Meanwhile, Mario and Peach talk about their problems alone in the forest. However, they are interrupted by the sounds of lasers. The two rush back, and are met with the sight of a raid. Luigi tries to fight back with psychic powers, but is shot down and taken by a soldier. In the frenzy, a laser hits the Overseer, destroying him. Mario burns a Zelphoxian with a fireball, but it is not enough. Another laser hits Mario, brutally wounding him as the soldiers depart. Peach heals Mario, but the pain overcomes him and he passes out. Meanwhile, above the planet, Luigi is taken to Rigex. However, a transmission from the Elite appears during the meeting. The Elite tells Rigex that he cannot remotely form a Warp Portal to the Creator Realm. He tells Rigex that a Warp Crystal held in Princess Peach's dress would work as a makeshift. After hearing this, Rigex yells in anger, knowing that Peach escaped during the events prior. Then, the fleet takes off to the Freezeflame Kingdom. Back on the Leafy Kingdom, Mario wakes up as a result of Peach using her healing abilities. The Designer explains that Rigex had taken off to the Freezeflame Kingdom. Mario and Peach agree to teleport there in order to find Luigi and defeat Rigex once and for all. On the Freezeflame Kingdom, the Designer directs Mario and Peach to the space port where Rigex is located. Meanwhile, Rigex lands at the port with Luigi captured. He forces his prisoner to use psychic powers in order to locate Peach. Luigi successfully does so, and Rigex furiously sets out. Eventually, Rigex and Peach and Mario meet up in the frozen forest and battle to the death. However, the Designer teleports to Luigi's location and tells him to utilize his powers to escape. Luigi disarms several Zelphoxians and proceeds to steal a scout ship and take off.

The scout ship above the snowy forest of the Freezeflame Kingdom.

As the duel between Mario and Rigex rages on, a dogfight in the air occurs. Several other scout ships follow Luigi on his tail, but they are quickly defeated. Eventually, Luigi reaches Mario and Peach's location. Lasers are fired, and Rigex is hit on the ground. He falls in agony. Mario and Peach are exhausted and unable to move. They look up as a tractor beam teleports them inside Luigi's scout ship. Mario wakes up last. The Designer is in control of the scout ship as it approaches the Crimson Doubt. He tells Mario and Peach that they must destroy Rigex and that an unnamed evil is controlling the ship. Peach, tired of being kept in the dark, lashes out against the Designer as the scout ship inches closer to its final destination. Meanwhile, Rigex is teleported back to the Crimson Doubt by the Elite. Mario tries to calm Peach down by telling her the meaning of the mission. After reaching the Crimson Doubt, the Designer tells the group that he must leave. Peach, confused and frustrated by this statement, again lashes out at Mario. The argument never fully resolves, and Luigi prompts the two to begin the ascension to the Command Bridge. As the group progresses through the halls, the Elite begins talking. He tells the trio of his plans to take over the universe by a 'key' of sorts. Finally, Mario, Luigi, and Peach make it to the Command Bridge. There, Rigex says that he needs Peach's garment in order to create a Warp Portal to the Creator Realm. He says that the Creators are the true killers of Philox, and proceeds to attack Mario. A bloody fight rages, and Luigi is shot in the carnage. Peach attempts to heal his wounds. As the fight rages on, Mario is eventually shot and falls unconscious as a result. He wakes up in a strange white place, where he is confronted by the Overseer and the Designer. The two tell Mario that they are the Creators, and that they will help Mario in his quest to destroy Rigex and save Peach. With newfound strength, Mario wakes up as the Creators begin taking control of the Crimson Doubt. They try knocking the Elite out of the system of the ship. Rigged watches in anger as the Creators fight against the Elite. He then reveals that Philox was his brother, just as the ship crashes into the Planet Chunk.

Rigex on the Planet Chunk.

Mario and Rigex wake up on a piece of planet ejected from the Freezeflame Kingdom during Philox's conquest. The land is fiery and hot. A fatigued fight initiates between Mario and Rigex, but soon picks up. The two begin to beat each other intensely, but Rigex eventually stumbles upon a weak Princess Peach. He lifts her up above the cliff edge, and stabs her garment. This causes a Warp Portal to envelop Peach as she falls into the planet's fiery core. The Warp Portal transports Mario and Rigex into the Creator Realm. Inside the portal, Rigex laments about his terrible conquest to avenge his brother. He feels regret for the actions he committed, and feels as though there is nothing left to do but kill the Ceators. In the Creator Realm, Rigex is struck with immense fear. His strength wanes. Mario then suddenly appears, and tells Rigex that he's a killer. Just then, the two Creators appear and transform into their true forms. They begin to attack Rigex, and Mario finishes him off by sending him back through a Warp Portal.

The Designer's true form.

Later, the Creators send Mario and Luigi back to the Mushroom Kingdom. There, Mario tells Luigi about how the Overseer and the Designer were the Creators. The two then return home. Meanwhile, Rigex is shown to be alive on the Planet Chunk. There, he stumbles around until a Warp Portal forms in front of him. He enters, and finds that the Elite had summoned him. In the Center of the Universe, the Elite tells Rigex that he failed. Rigex doesn't care, and proceeds to free the Elite from captivity. Then, Rigex shoots himself.