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The New Pokemon Game
Season 6, Episode 14
Vital statistics
Air date December 11, 2016
Written by EpicMarioBros
Directed by EpicMarioBros
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The New Pokemon Game is the 117th Epic Mario Bros episode and the 14th episode of Season 6. It was uploaded on December 11th, 2016 in celebration of the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon.


Mario wakes up one day, and quickly realizes that Pokemon Sun and Moon release. He gets out of bed and rushes to the store. Luigi, on the coach with his 3DS, has already acquired the game. Luigi then tells Mario he's too late, but Mario doesn't care and rushes to Game Stop. There, Mario has a hard time getting the game, but eventually does. However, a homeless guy addicted to Pokemon wants the game but Mario took the last copy. The homeless guy beats up Mario, but falls for an unknown reason. Mario takes the game and leaves. Meanwhile, Dry Bones and Nabbit try to create a prank video by stealing Mario's game. Nabbit successfully takes the game, and throws it to space. Mario, enraged, lobs a fireball at Nabbit, causing him to explode. After the incident, Luigi finds Mario, upset and angry. He tells Mario to pray to Solgaleo for the game, as Luigi prayed to Lunala and successfully acquired the game. Mario does so, but no game appears. Luigi says that he tricked Mario so he could learn a lesson. However, an orange light protrudes from the sky and launches a Pokemon game at Mario.


"What is your Pokemon team in Sun and Moon?"


  • Pikachu can be seen in the Game Stop scene.
  • The games that can be seen in Game Stop are Pokemon Y, Pokemon Omega Ruby, and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire.
  • When Nabbit arrives, he makes a reference to John Cena when he attacks Mario.