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The Potion is the 54th Epic Mario Bros video, and was uploaded on August 19, 2015. This video was the first EMB episode after the EMB Movie 2. The Potion is one of the only videos with Bowser and Kamek that doesn't include Junior. Bowser states that Junior is at Summer Camp, referencing a future video.

The Potion
Season 4, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date August 19, 2015
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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The Apocalypse Junior's Summer Camp


Bowser is watching TV, when a show comes on called "The Immortals". It features Leapordude and Mooger talking about how they're immortal and will witness terrible events and live through them. Despite that, Bowser decides he wants to be immortal, and asks Kamek. Kamek obviously says he can't, but when Bowser persists, Kamek goes in the refrigerator and looks for ingredients for a potion. The potion created includes water, apple cider vinegar, oat flower, HP sauce, soy sauce, and yogurt covered raisins. Bowser drinks it, but gets sick and throws up. After throwing up, Bowser heads outside but has a seizure, and Kamek rushes to his aid.


"What is the worst food YOU'VE ever eaten?"


  • The Immortals theme song is actually the Munsters Season 2 theme song, also used in the song "Uma Thurman".
  • The Immortals makes its debut in this video.
  • There are many unused ingredients shown in the video like gummy bears and pink lemonade.