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The Rising Star among the rest of the Philoxian Fleet.

The Rising Star is Philox's mothership created sometime in 1904. It is a fairly large T-19 class Mothership, outfitted with defense turrets and a plasma-based Superweapon. The Rising Star was in service from 1904 until 2014, where it saw its destruction on the planet of the Mushroom Kingdom. The mothership was utilized to destroy hundreds of planets single-handedly.


Much like most Zelphoxian starships, the Rising Star is equipped with a Warp Crystal-infused engine. utilized to travel into the Warp Zone. Another Warp Crystal engine is used to create a gateway portal from the command bridge into the Warp Zone. This portal leads to a small platform in the Warp Zone, a platform used by Philox for meditation. The ship also contains an energy-sapping device, a device used to transform life energy into electricity and therefore plasma. This device was used to sap Luigi's psychic energies for transformation into plasma for the Sueprweapon and the engines. The crew consists of about a hundred men, including Emperor Philox himself. During the first invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser's brainwashed troops added another fifty troopers to the crew. The plasma-based Superweapon is capable of glassing a good portion of any planet, but at maximum power, the weapon can literally tear a planet in half. This can be seen on Icenda after Philox's attack. Unfortunately, the ship was obliterated by Mario and Luigi in 2014 at the time of the Invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom.