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What Mario should have done when Bowser was insulting him

The TV Show is the fourth episode of Season 8 and the last episode of the Epic Mario Bros Series (not counting "An Epic Mario Bros Retrospective") It was uploaded on July 2, 2018 and marks the final appearance of Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach, and some Toads. The video is a sequel to The Moon.


The video starts with an intro to "The Adventures of Mario and Luigi" stating the first episode titled, "Welcome to the Kingdom". Mario is sleeping on the bed when Luigi wakes him up stating that today is a beautiful day. Mario is tired, but Luigi wants to go do some errands. Both of them walk into the kitchen and Luigi lists a number of breakfast items. However, Mario is not hungry and decides to take a walk. Outside, Mario sees Bowser where he sponsors the Mini Mushroom Gym and says that Mario can't defeat him because of his weight. Bowser walks away as Mario sighs with embarrassment. When Luigi meets Mario, Mario is worried that he won't be able to defeat Bowser because of his weight and appearance. With Luigi being a supportive brother, he takes him inside and reassures him that he's not fat. All of a sudden, Luigi states that they should go outside to see if people think that their opinion is the same as Bowser's. Both Mario and Luigi walk outside, but static interrupts, cutting too commercials.

The first commercial has Mario rushingly advertise the new game, Mario Tennis Aces. The second commercial is a trailer for "The Action Movie" where explosions are shown and inception noises are heard. The final commercial is for the iPhone 76 showing its "New sleek design" before it's suddenly cuts back to the show.

The show returns to Mario and Luigi walk outside. Mario is resentful but Luigi is hopeful that their are positive opinions as he points to three girls. Cardboard cutouts of Peach, Daisy, and Toadette are shown as Mario frustratingly points it out and he criticizes the show for bad writing. All of a sudden, the background cuts back to a green screen as a cameraman toad, a writer toad, and Luigi try to get Mario to say his line. Mario reluctantly won't say the line as the toads become more frustrated with the actor. A toad is shown hiding, carrying a Nerf gun. The same toad, Toadbert kills the cameraman and the writer, he quickly escorts Mario and Luigi out of the set. Outside, Toadbert says that the government is trying to kidnap them after the events of "The Moon". Toadbert says that they're outlaws as the video transitions to "To be continued". Aidan would never make a sequel to the episode.


  • The TV show segments are noticeably high in contrast, have poor quality, and a lower aspect ratio, parodying old 80's and 90's TV shows. Not to mention, the acting is purposefully poor for the actors, especially Bowser.
  • The trailer for "The Action Movie" is an obvious parody of Michael Bay films as he frequently uses explosions and the Inception noise.
  • The music when Toadbert is killing the crew is "Mr Blue Sky" by Electric Light Orchestra.
  • The commercial for the phone is not an iPhone 76.
  • The script that Toad is holding is completely unrelated to "The Adventures of Mario and Luigi" as it features two different characters, Dustin and Malcom.
  • Daisy and Toadette appear as cameos