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A Warp Portal is the gateway to the Warp Zone. Utilizing Warp Portals can allow a being to travel between points in space, or possibly other dimensions.


The Warp Portals first appeared in the first EMB Movie. Here, it wasn't explicitly shown, but mentioned. A device which contained warp capabilities was utilized to transport Luigi and Philox into the Warp Zone. The next time is appeared was in the EMB Movie 2, which was subtitled "The Warp Zone". This is where the Warp Portal gained it's first look. The Warp Portal has changed in appearance since then. The Warp Portal has since appeared in several episodes like Koopa's Secret and the Boot Camp, as well as the third EMB Movie.


The Warp Portal is activated with a Warp Crystal. Many ships contain Warp Crystal engines in order to travel into the Warp Zone with ease. When a Warp Crystal is thrown, the chemicals mix and is activated. The crystal melts in the intense heat that is needed to bend space-time. However, after only a few nanoseconds, the heat cools down. The edges remain in a plasma state, but the interior is a gateway to the Warp Zone.


  • Only a large Warp Portal can be used to access the Creator Realm.
  • Warp Portals were originally supposed to be black and purple, as seen in the Movie 2 teaser trailer.
  • The Warp Zone contains a strange platform, as shown in the first Movie.
  • The Elite can somehow create Warp Portals at will, even though he is in captivity.